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Today is *insert current day*. We aren’t even halfway through the day. Because we cannot know the 2nd half, you can influence and act however you want to impact the rest of today. Don’t be afraid, and be confident in what you know. We are all just imitating those who came before us and doing our best to stand on their shoulders. In that sense, we are all peers 😊


Survey Says

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Here’s a response I submitted to a Wells Fargo survey from when I closed my checking and savings accounts:

Before Wachovia was bought out by Wells Fargo, I had been a customer since 1991 (at least with savings).  It wasn’t surprising that closing my account seemed to have little impact to Wells Fargo since I’m not a millionaire, but it is unfortunate that there are multiple industries that put their entire focus on new customers and not on customer retention.  Wells Fargo certainly falls into the absolute average of the mediocrity set forth by said industries ruled by the few and used by the masses. The experience I had with Wells Fargo’s customer service was neither satisfying nor unsatisfying. Rather, I felt a listless numbness that was an echo into the chamber left where character and morality once were.


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Hello, me.  I have some thoughts you may be interested in.  Let me know what you think.

  1. Why do I only need to fart around people?
  2. Wires, in general, need to stop being around.  Like immediately.  They aren’t helping anything.  Unless you stretch them out completely, they get tangled.  They suck.  Get outta here.
  3. Facebook and Instagram = inspirational quotes in weird fonts and silly backgrounds
  4. Solar power is the way to go (tell all the investors this, it would really help the ETF i’m in)

So Much Hope

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Looking deep, I can see clearly
Eyes closed, I can’t trust the identity
Of my own mind, I’m weary
There’s a higher plain, above obscenity

There are so many waves crashing into me
They’re everywhere, they’re everyone
There’s always a choice I try to see
I have faith I choose the right one

Another step in evolution, the advance
It starts now, it starts today
It’s never easy to keep giving them a chance
My life’s work, to help them see a way

The effort extended trains an unseen strength
I will be better, and I’ll lift them with me
Endurance is patience of unknown length
I’ll lift you up, and it’ll take all of me

Remember how much it hurts to feel so good
Remember we all hurt, we’re all angry
Ignore the feelings, they don’t help like they should
Erase the waves, then I’ll be free

I will evolve,  I will be free
The waves aren’t real, I can see it all
The feelings are small, focus on me
Rise higher, erase the waves, see it all


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I’m doing it.  I’m surrounded by it, and I cannot help but imitate the behaviors of the society around me.  I am being forced to reconcile the feelings of the masses for myself, for, after all, we are making a decision that effects us all (in the USA anyway).

I should specify that when I say “it”, I mean researching – to the best of my ability – the political stances of the current presidential candidates to see how many of their stances align to my interests.  Now that I’ve clarified my intent, I am also curious how much research the average voter does.  My current hypothesis is that the amount of research is insignificant, given my cynicism towards the general populous.  I won’t resolve that in this post, nor will I research it.  I will say that, given the typical low voter turnout compared to the total USA population, it is in our best interest to know as much as possible since we are essentially voting on others’ behaves.  If my hypothesis is correct, and I’ll say again that I’m not going to look into it now, our situation is dire.

Now, on with the fun.  I’d say of the 2 candidates (there are more, but I’ll stick to 2), I dislike Donald Trump (or Drumpf) the most.  So, let’s start with DJ:


  • Really likes name-calling and acting like a child
    • Just some stuff he said on Twitter as examples – this does not include TV
  • He doesn’t seem to understand much about respect, truth, or the law in the USA
  • DJ has had 4,000+ lawsuits filed against him or his companies in the last 30 years (about 133 per year!) which is unprecedented for a presidential candidate.
    • “Trump has been involved in more legal skirmishes than all five of the others [top 5 real estate business executives] — combined.”
  • Does not seem like an honorable businessman
    • It seems there is no shortage of examples
  • The Republicans that don’t like him
    • This timeline is also helpful (I find this division in the Republican party strange compared to other elections)
  • If it’s not lying he’s doing, he’s just misinformed most of the time


  • Taxes: “The plan would reduce federal revenues by $9.5 trillion over its first decade before accounting for added interest costs or considering macroeconomic feedback effects. The plan would improve incentives to work, save, and invest. However, unless it is accompanied by very large spending cuts, it could increase the national debt by nearly 80 percent of gross domestic product by 2036, offsetting some or all of the incentive effects of the tax cuts.”
  • Social Security: “I would leave it up to the people.” – DJ
  • Medicare: DJ’s solution is not to cut medicare or medicaid, but just grow the economy
  • Foreign Policy: DJ just generally seems aggressive

OK.  Now that he’s out of the way, on to Mrs. Clinton.


  • People don’t think she’s trustworthy
    • Her overall image is the lowest it’s been
  • Her email scandal has done anything but help her: “That’s the Clinton we all know and love, hate, or feel deeply ambivalent about: She put her interest in secrecy above any interest in transparency, pushed the boundaries of open-records law, and unilaterally determined that the risk to national security was negligible. One might say that she put her interests ahead of the public’s interest in transparency”
  • The other thing is Benghazi
    • At least 10 different agencies, Senate and House committees that have opened inquires in the Benghazi attack. They include the State Department, FBI, a select Senate committee on intelligence and a standing House committee on intelligence.


  • Taxes: “would increase revenue by $1.1 trillion over the next decade. Nearly all of the tax increases would fall on the top 1 percent; the bottom 95 percent of taxpayers would see little or no change in their taxes. Marginal tax rates would increase, reducing incentives to work, save, and invest, and the tax code would become more complex. The analysis does not address a forthcoming proposal to cut taxes for low- and middle-income families.”
  • Social Security: while not explicitly stated, it seems Clinton’s answer would be to raise taxes to deliver on her promises for Social Security
  • Medicare: has 4 main points
    • Lower prescription costs
    • Reform payment models
    • Limit insurance’s ability to increase premiums
    • Allow more people in the program

As for me personally, I used this site to do some quick comparing and contrasting.  It helps identify things you’re interested in, and you can then dive further into the interwebs finding more about each topic.  For instance, Clinton is generally more in favor of prioritizing green energy, while Trump isn’t.  To me, it’s important to develop green energy.  Another thing is, neither candidate talks directly about the national debt, yet you’ve probably seen the commercials (couldn’t find it!) saying that the national debt will soon be one of the largest federal programs by 2020.  I hope this post helped in some way.  It helped me!


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Ugh. I really need to write this.  It’s in me, and I need to get it out – coherently.  I think I’ll take the approach that my creative writing professor said to use when I was in college: just start writing and edit later.

Note: I’m not saying things are black and white, and I’m also not saying “if it’s this way, then this is the only conclusion”.  This is my perspective, and I realize there are more grey areas than black and white ones.

I think the approach I’m going to take is by category.  Let’s say: the Bible, Jesus, church, and spirituality.

The Bible

Regarding the Old Testament law, the first few books were passed down an unknown amount of generations orally, and were thought to be first written down by Moses.  I have a lot of trouble with this, and, therefore, a lot of trouble with people who think we should comply with all it says we should do.  It seems Christians (and maybe Jews too) kind of ignore certain passages today and acknowledge others.  I would agree that there are still some good parts of the Old Testament to follow, but, in my opinion, it should be treated like stories.  This guy had some pretty funny commentary that essentially sums up my thoughts on Old Testament law.  So, zooming out, the Old Testament to me is: a creation story, history of families, laws, wars over territory, and prophets proclaiming God’s plan to send a Messiah (among other things).

I’ll do the zoom out version of the New Testament first: there are the accounts of Jesus’ life recorded years after everything happened from by his disciples’ perspective (aka: the Gospels), then a bunch of letters to different groups of people that the disciples had visited before (mostly written by Paul, a former Christian slayer), and a super trippy book at the end.  I don’t question very much regarding the 4 gospels that recount the life of Jesus.  Honestly, I think I could probably base my faith on the book of Luke (what a white-ass name for someone from the middle east).  Luke was a surgeon – supposedly – so I feel he would be inclined to be the most objective.  While science was certainly not the methodology it is today 2 millennia ago, people were generally curious about how things worked, and I like to think “Luke” also carried this mentality.

As for the letters written to “churches” (you’ll see why that’s in quotations in the section about church), these are quoted by pastors all the time as if they apply directly to the current church.  It’s a little silly (as in, mostly not silly, but kind of silly) to directly apply a quote translated from an ancient language from an ancient time from an ancient culture to the modern population of people.  While the human condition has it’s universal struggles, it seems like the level of seriousness granted to these passages is too heavy.  Not to mention, the letters aren’t directly the word of God – in the sense that Jesus had departed and was not around to say the words in the letters.  The claim is that these letters are “God breathed” – or influenced by God.  I don’t have a problem with people appreciating the advice, but to take these letters as law or act like the letters dictate how we are to behave is kind of silly.  Also, as a side note, I feel like Paul was one of those people that “killed it” or “crushed it” at whatever he did.  I think he was a super loud salesman type guy who bro-ed it up way too much.  When he was killing christians (his name was Saul then), he was the best.  Then, Jesus appeared to Saul and showed that He was superior to Saul and renamed him (this is the “road to Damascus” story).  I feel like I can see newly converted Paul being like “dude, bro, you are hardcore!  I’m in.  I will totally crush some sermons with you.”  All the other disciples were like “yeah, I’ll go to Corinth to spread the Good News.  Paul’s staying here, right?”

Now for Revelation.  I’m really not sure what to think here.  The context I was given growing up was that John, was one of the last of Jesus’ disciples to be executed.  However, they (the Romans), for some reason, decided to exile John on a deserted island.  This is where Revelation was written.  However, according to more recent sources, it’s very likely that the author of Revelation is a John, but a different John from the one who wrote the Gospel of John.  Either way, since Revelation has very little basis in reality as we understand reality, there’s no telling what all of it means.  What it does do is fascinate christians to the nth degree, and they love fantasizing about all the different possible outcomes.


I think I’m good on Jesus.  He is portrayed as a perfect human being who would really fit in well in today’s society because of his inclusive attitude and progressive views.  Well, there is a bit of a caveat: Jesus claimed to be the Son of God and said “I am the way, the truth, and the life.  No one comes to the Father except through me.”   Pretty specific for a hippy.  So, was He insane or was He the Son of God?  I have no idea.  All I know for sure is that He seemed to do some really extraordinary things, and, like I said, fit in more with current culture (of developed countries) than He did during that time.

So, since I don’t have a good way to determine the legitimacy of Jesus’ claim, I think the only thing I can do is ask what His intent was and who it would make sense for Him to really be.  I will warn you now, this is purely speculative.  As far as Jesus’ intent, it seems He was really focused on people loving each other equally and not being judgmental of others.  At the time, this was incredibly unpopular.  It’s interesting, though, to think about the implications of what He was trying to do: get a message out about love and acceptance of all no matter the type of person.  In some ways, it seems like He knew that in order for people to survive and thrive (as a species), we would have to adopt these philosophies.  To me, and I’m sure I could very well be wrong, I think He was communicating to those around Him in the way they would understand.  That would mean, even if He wasn’t really God, he would say He was God so that people would listen to Him.  That would also mean that He would have to explain His connection to the Father and His abilities to perform miracles through the vein of Him being God.  Do I think Jesus was an alien?  Possible, but not in the way we think about aliens.  A 6th dimensional being manifesting consciousness into the structure of a 3 dimensional biological system (aka a human)?  That’s closer, but to me that’s as far fetched as any other possibility.  The point essentially being: the person we know as Jesus had to communicate advanced thoughts to people who weren’t advanced.

At this point, I have to zoom out a little and ask the same about who, or what, God is.  Since Jesus claimed to be the Son of God, and we aren’t sure how He originated, it seems like we need to understand the relationship (the purpose or intent).  Take Jesus’ claim of being the Son of God, for instance, and my proposal that He’s a 6th dimensional being manifesting consciousness into the structure of a 3 dimensional biological system.  In a way, you may imagine a 6th dimensional being having the capacity to help certain races get over hurdles as a species with religion in order to believe in a better future and have hope.

On the other hand, sometimes, it seems like we there is a subconscious connection we humans share with each other (and maybe other species on earth too).  It seems that we subconsciously will things to happen.  We have all these different groups of people that have specific bends that makes us diverse.  This innate connection gives us balance with roles that feel individual, but are all needed.  We create an Einstein, a Tesla, a Leonardo de Vinci, a Hitler, or a Stalin to force ourselves to strive for improvement and rid ourselves of more primitive ways.  Did we make Jesus because we subconsciously knew we needed Him?  I wonder this at times.  I wonder if what we refer to as God is really just what connects us together.

To conclude this section, my point is that no one around me – while growing up in the church – asked who or what Jesus, God and the Holy Spirit were.  The Trinity was just a lofty, out-there concept that was “too big to imagine”.  But, to me, I want to know why the concept of God is too big to imagine.  I’m not satisfied with a mysterious, floaty concept and taking orders from something I don’t understand.  I’m simply applying my imagination to explore a concept I feel most people in the religion Christianity are resistant to doing.  I’m just not that way, I want to know.  To be clear, I’m not against the Trinity, but I’m open minded to questions.  Plus, in the end (at least at this point), we don’t know the truth.  We cannot definitively prove that we go to heaven or hell when we die, so who am I to try pushing that on someone else?  According to Jesus, regardless of who or what He was or what His intention was, the greatest commandments were: love the Lord your God with all your  heart, soul, mind and strength; and love your neighbor the same way you love yourself.  So, for human to human interaction, the GREATEST commandment is to love people.  This is something I can agree whole heartedly with.


Yuck.  This should be easy to write.  I have very few positive things to say about church.  First thing you need to realize is that they are a non-profit organization.  The church, as it mainly exists in the US and Europe, is a non-profit with a name like “First Baptist Church” who accepts donations in order to pay for: a building, property, taxes, a paster (CEO), and employees.  They are a company first.  Whether they like it or not, if a pastor’s only job is being a pastor, the main focus is to get asses in the pews.  From there, the easiest way to people’s wallets is guilt and/or shame (props if you can do both in one sermon).  No matter the pure intention of the pastor from the outset, if that pastor has a family with regular bills, you can bet the sermons are going to need to have a way to guilt/shame you into a contribution.   We shouldn’t be bitter towards pastors for this, they are simply humans – like everyone else – supporting their family.  However, if you get caught up in believing that your pastor is “special” and that they can hear from God and need exactly 1,000,000 for a new building, don’t say I didn’t warn you.   When I have gone to these churches in the past and they need $1mm for a new building, it seemed odd that they said they needed that round of a number.  There’s just no way it is going to cost exactly 1 million flat.  When I was around those types of settings, I felt like the real cost was really like $927, 516.81 and they pocked the difference.  I could be wrong, but they’re humans with power and money.  That usually doesn’t pan out well historically.

I was right, this section is easy to write!  So, my other beef with church is that our culture says we have to go to a building and pay people to do these services for our religion to continue.  Why do we pay these people to do this full time?  Because we don’t want to.  They prepare all the shit we need to feel good, pack it into an hour, and we’re back to normal life – whew!  To make us feel even better, they have different causes they bring to us during certain parts of the year (Missionary Month, eliminating Sex Trafficking, helping earthquake victims in Haiti, etc.) that you can throw money at and feel better knowing “you did something” (but you didn’t).  This is all accomplished in a morning 1 day a week.  Oh, but wait, there’s more.  Churches need to make sure you are doing more time than just your hour per week.  The next level of religion is small groups.  This is where you all begrudgingly meet during the week after work and complain about your pathetic life as if no one else is having struggles like you are.  Usually, there’s a book everyone has to read (doing more time!) and usually you have to bring food to whoever’s residence you’re attending that week.  Of course, bringing food involves another obligation.  So, can you see what a time suck this all can potentially be on your life?  What does this do for people?  I have a theory that it’s a very pleasant distraction.  People don’t even have time to think about what they really might enjoy.  Or what else they could be doing with their family instead of:  1) stressing about making food for the small group, 2) making it to church on time all dressed up, 3) spending 4 hours a week reading a taking notes from a book that their small group is reading, 4) tithing 10% of their income instead of contributing to their savings/retirement/college savings (if they have kids).  These are just some examples.  I know church works for some people, and I understand that people like feeling good.  On the other hand, sorry – not sorry – that’s what it is.  It makes you feel good about yourself.  Don’t get me wrong, that’s a good thing!  The problem is, it comes at a much higher cost than it should.

Take a note from Jesus himself.  When He said “And I say to you that you are Peter, and on this rock I will build My church; and the gates of Hades (death) will not overpower it [by preventing the resurrection of the Christ]”, the Greek word for church is Ekklesia which referenced a group of people.  Theologians maintain that this means called out ones:

“In Strong’s Greek Concordance, the word ekklesia (word #1577) is defined as “an assembly,” and it’s from the word “ek,” (word #1537) which means “out of”; and the word “klesis” (word #2821) which means “a calling.” So ekklesia means to be called out, and obviously Christ is the one that’s calling us out.”

So, I have thus reinforced my already held belief that going to a church building to hear a pastor tell me his latest revelation is a waste of time for me.  A few things in summary of this Church section:

  • If you do choose to attend church, DO NOT be afraid to ask what % of your contributions actually go to helping people.  Naturally, don’t be shocked when they say somewhere around 90 – 95% goes to staff, building, maintenance, admin, website, etc.
  • In the same vein, when your non-profit church brings in it’s other non-profit friends, look them up to see their spend efficiency.  One article I saw (literally just googled “how much charity money goes to charity”) says the top 50 worst charities raked in almost $1 billion.
  • Be mindful of your time, and make sure you’re doing what you want:
    • Hours in a week = 168
    • Sleep (assuming 8 hours/night) = 56
    • Work (assuming 8 hours/day) = 56
    • Church (getting ready + commute + service) = 3 hours
    • Small Group (assuming 2 hours for dinner then discussion) = 2 hours
    • Preparing for small group (getting ready + food prep + reading + commute) = 3 hours
  • Total religion time per week = 8 hours (1.1 hours per day)
  • Total remaining hours (less work and sleep and religion) = 48 (6 hours per day)


This is my favorite one.  I feel irreversibly connected to people.  As an introvert (at this point this shouldn’t be a shocker), this is very difficult for me.  I really love people.  I feel massive empathy and it isn’t unusual for me to be weighed down by the same burden some else is carrying.  It’s because of this connection I have that I feel inclined to think that we are all subconsciously connected, and that “God” is the aggregation of this subconscious that informs us of people’s roles.  This part of my spirituality I haven’t resolved.  What I do know is that the religion Christianity has given me tools to understand these feelings.  I feel the ability to talk to God no matter how I view Him – from a Christian perspective or as an aggregate subconscious.  I feel that He “speaks” to me just as He would when I thought of Him as the “Christian” God.  In the evangelical protestant portion of Christianity, believing in the gifts of the Holy Spirit include prophesy, which, in the modern accepted understanding within the aforementioned portion of Christianity, is basically defined as “hearing from God for others”.

This leads me to my next point on spirituality.  There seems to be a natural balance of types of people – once again referring to a collective subconscious.  I am very sensitive to the emotions and burdens of others, and easily connect and empathize.  This tends to cause me to seek inward peace since I experience many people’s emotions throughout the day, and I think this gives me my bend towards being a spiritual person.  Since I naturally operate in this way, I definitely understand that others DO NOT operate in same way I do.  Don’t get me wrong, it would be really boring for me to only be surrounded by people like me.  I enjoy the diversity of humans, and feel fulfilled and happy being able to explore so many interesting types of consciousness.  My point, though, is that there are people who don’t have a natural spiritual bend.  This is a good thing!  People like me help in certain ways and people unlike me help balance it out by helping in their ways.

As far as the daily inclination I have to seek inward peace, this spiritual experience is largely meditative.  Currently, my most meditative times occur while: putting my daughter to bed, running, or sitting in the sauna (headphones usually required).  The meditation is usually a focus on my current emotional state and separating what I feel from what others may have made me feel.  The other part is where I kind of “zone out”.  I like to picture myself as a large rock in a grassy field on a tall cliff overlooking an ocean.  I tell my problems or stress that they are the ocean, and cannot come up to me.  Then I just enjoy the landscape.  The great part is the imaginative state this can bring me into.  I don’t feel the need to go into this because it would be too long and descriptive without much substance.

The other part of my spirituality is prayer.  My thoughts on prayer have evolved quite a bit.  Growing up, I was taught that I had a relationship with God and that praying was speaking to Him.  I was also taught that God knew all my thoughts.  It’s almost comical thinking back and knowing that, while people tried to tell me prayer was the relational communication between us and God, it seemed very one sided.  Most the prayers I remember hearing growing up were essentially asking for help and for things to be favored to them and not others.  It’s like, you have this great chance to communicate with a higher being, and the best you can muster is to ask that being to do stuff for you?  It almost seems like the biggest sin should be how egocentric most prayers are.  It just seems so short sighted to pray in this way.  If I were God, I would ignore 95% of all prayers since people will feel fine once an emotion subsides, and will probably ask for the opposite thing tomorrow.  Anyway, off the soap box.  My point is that the evolution of what I pray or what God and I speak about has changed a lot over the last 10 years.  I used to do the same thing I am now upset at for people doing – I’d say “God, help me to be wise with my time and money.  Help so and so, help them to feel your presence.  In your name I pray, amen.”  How irresponsible.  Like, am I going to blame or get angry at God if I waste my time or money?  I was basically saying “help me to not be a dumb asshole, and increase dopamine in people I know.”  For me, it helps me to respect God more if He is a collective subconscious or a 6th dimensional being because it helps me respect His abilities and knowledge.  Like a father or mentor, but times 100.  What would you ask someone who could manipulate space-time and travel the universe with ease?  What would you ask someone who knows other civilizations that also has been around for the entirety of this civilization?  That’s the perspective I have now.  I say “Help me understand” or I’ll even ask Him things about Himself.  After all, this is a relationship, right?

Hope you enjoyed my take on things.

Chocolate part 2

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This is an update on the first Chocolate titled post (as indicated by the “part 2” portion of the title from this post).  So, reading back through that post, it was pretty apparent that whatever Erin was dealing with was really effecting me.  Well, it did come to a breaking point – for her.  Thankfully, it wasn’t me who snapped, and you’ll see why I’m glad that’s the case.

Turns out Erin’s been dealing with depression for a long time.  It was something she was always able to manage, but, after we had Emma, the entirety of her life started to become a daily battle.  The smallest thing outside of the required minimum would be very overwhelming, and even having fun came at an emotional cost.  We are 3 weeks into her medication, and it is as if someone turned her back into my wife.  I couldn’t be happier that we now know what it was that was causing the issue.  For Erin, a “fog” has been lifted from her mentality.  For me, a burden has been lifted.  I think we all feel better, and it’s all because chemicals in some of our brains are just a bit off.



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So, I haven’t tried to ship anything in a while, and I just had a new experience today.  It was awful.  To explain the back story, My wife and I left an Apple TV at our vacation rental a few weeks ago.  The owner offered to send it to us if we could send a prepaid package, and they would just stick the Apple TV in and ship it back (obviously my wife and I would pay for that).

I went to the FedEx store.  I tried to see if I could do the entire process online: picking out an envelope, entering the info for a label and the return label.  It seemed the only thing I could do was the label portion online.  Note, I was not forced to create an account during this investigative process.  I was like “fine, I’ll go into the store.” I go to the physical store, and they say I can’t do anything unless I have an account.  They have these computers on the side you can do this (it’s just their normal website accessible from my previous location).  I create an account, get back in line, then they tell me that they can’t create labels for me – I have to do that.  Their explanation to me was “it will look like we have the package and we’re sending it”.  Isn’t that the fucking case?!  Even if I create the label, when the package is scanned into their system, it will show that store as the origin.  What the fuck.

I’m frustrated because I went to the store with the expectation that I could say “Hey, I have no clue how to use your website, I expect you are a full service store and I’d like for you to interpret my request and figure out how to make your services happen for me.”  This couldn’t have been further from the case.  I have to create an account I’ll probably use once every other year (and I’ll have to do a username and password recovery every time), and do the labels myself before getting to the store.  This is a good cost-saving method by FedEx, but I feel they should announce the requirements prior to customer engagement.  Such a waste of time.  Oh, I also tried to log into my newly created account to create a label, but, guess what?  The password I created was apparently different, so I already have to do a recovery.  It’s like the universe is working against me to keep me from getting the Apple TV back. I had to type in the password twice!  That means, I incorrectly typed my intended password twice the exact same way during creation.  What are the odds?  It boggles my mind.  I’m so pissed.

Also, why have the ability to do half of what I want online?  If they’re trying to have customers do the label, why not finish the thought and have the ability to pick an envelope and the shipping and return label all in a single process?   That’s what I tried to do first, and just ended up hating them with my whole being.

Important things

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One of the hardest things to figure out in life (if you work in a “cubicle farm” type job portion of the population) is what angle to aim your butt at our chair respective to your chair’s angle and your body’s so as to cancel all noise emission from your farts. Judging whether the odor will be strong enough to be detected by your coworkers is a life-long ambition.

Blane Vacation 2016!

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That’s right, the Blane’s are on vacation, and I’m writing a f*cking blog post that no one will read (except me, or maybe my wife).  The censored f-word was for humor.  Something you may have guessed regarding why I may write a blog post while on vacation may have something to do with alcoholic beverages.  You would be correct. I know that my normal drink of choice for these entries is wine, but, I’m on vacation, so it’s whiskey (of the bourbon variety).  I’m about half a drink in, which, I believe, is probably equivalent to the normal level of inebriation needed.  At this point, I typically observe something about the first paragraph, and I think it will be: it’s length.  Wow, probably one of the longest first paragraphs in the blog.  I haven’t bothered to – nor will I – review the few posts that are in the blog to attempt an educated guess.  I’m just going to go ahead and assume I’m right.  Moving on!

In this post, I have been inspired by my news feed on facebook.  Since I’m either: 1) too cowardly to call my friend out on their post or 2) I refuse to become a statistic by being “that guy” and writing a long ass comment that makes me look like a dick for going off on something not even meant to stir controversy.  You may have been able to tell that I’m leaning towards #2 (it’s the longest, most detailed of the options).  I just realized that I’m still not writing about what I want to write about.  I’ll offer an observation that I have almost finished my drink, therefore increasing the odds that my mind will wonder.  On to the post:

“If you don’t have a habit of worship, when the storm comes, you won’t be ready to worship through the storm.”

I don’t know if I’ve mentioned this about myself before, but I was raised in a conservative, christian home.  We were at church at least twice a week, my dad was an elder (leadership), and we were homeschooled.  Also, no non-christian music was allowed.  So, I feel I can speak from experience when I am judging this statement.  Number 1, this is a terrible metaphor.  The way the sentence is structured, it takes the reader from literal to figurative, then back, then back again.  Wouldn’t it be strange to hear someone say “I’m worshiping in anticipation of a life event that will require that I have experience in this activity”?  Granted, people say dumb things, it seems strange to me that this particular statement was found to be worth quoting.  I’m not anti-worship, but I am anti-stupid.  I, for one, cannot go along with this quote.  I, and everyone else out there, has just enough to get by.  The idea that you have to have some sort of built up stamina to worship the right amount to be ready for a “storm” in your life is silly.  Get out of here with your silliness.  Oh man, silliness is a word.  Doesn’t it seem odd to think that being worshipful will be absolutely necessary in order to get through some rough patch in your life?  That’s what seems so weird to me in this quote.  As if some level of training or stamina in “worship” will earn you some sort of payoff that elevates you above said “storm”.  It just makes no sense.

I think I’ll conclude by saying worship all you want.  Do it.  It will probably make you feel better, and, hopefully, it will make you feel like you’re getting in touch with the bigger picture.  At the same time, don’t worry about how much worship you do.  No one can tell you how much is too little or too much except you because no one else is you.

P.S. I’m drunk now, motherfuckers.

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