Peter Blane

The absent-minded U.S. Treasury Secretary

Posted in Finances by wusspett on August 26, 2009
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Ugh, are you serious?! If  you don’t already know who Timothy Geithner or Lawrence Summers are, you should.  They control(ed) the U.S. Treasury = controls the money supply.

Anyway, I have recently been searching Timothy Geithner’s location.  He seems to have all but vanished since earlier this year.  He goes from being in the headlines every day to making speeches at elementary schools in ity-bitty towns – like Berea, Ohio.  Maybe he’s in trouble with someone in washington, dc and they said, “no more TV appearances for you, mister!” – Got off on a rabbit trail…sorry

The article I read – written by Geithner and Summers by the way – is silly.  Granted they did follow the correct method for writing a paper in college, IT COULD HAVE BEEN WRITTEN BY SOMEONE IN COLLEGE.  They outline 5 major points they think are problems, and point out that “the administration” will fix these problems – not actually them (being Geithner and Summers).  While these are great opinions, not badly written either, they charge themselves with nothing except coming up with who should be in charge of making sure companies don’t get so big that they are too “big to fail”.  So, basically, they established that “the administration” will fix stuff and that they (Timmy and Larry) will find someone to put in charge to blame if this happens again.

They did say something beyond the ordinary though.  They said, and I quote, “the administration’s reforms will allow the financial system to play its most important function: transforming the earnings and savings of workers into the loans that help families buy homes and cars, help parents send kids to college, and help entrepreneurs build their businesses.”  You ever wonder what our country was run on?  Debt. They just said it.   Our system’s most important function is to give people debt.  Really?  Also, the context of “workers” reminds me of worker bees.  We, the citizens of the U.S. are not drones.  We are not surfs or paupers under a tyrannic ruler.  Should, perhaps, this read “…transforming the earnings and savings THAT WE EARN into the loans…”?  Don’t undermine me you pompous jerks.


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