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It’s just too funny to ignore

Posted in government by wusspett on September 3, 2009
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As you may know about “Corporate America”, the larger the company, the dumber its operations seem to get.  For instance, the company I work for started implementing a system to effectively replace a team of people.  That was over 2 and a half years ago.  I joined the team after they were supposed to be replaced, and I left the team a year later without ever being replaced – they are still not replaced today.

Given that information, I found it funny to read this article today.  It is my understanding the SEC’s job is to do exactly what they are saying they are going to start learning.  They go on and on saying how this is going to “specialize” them.  This is really blowing my mind.  This entity exists solely to regulate our financial structure.  Meaning, that if you do something illegal, they are supposed to catch you!  I can understand how people get lazy, and, when there are no consequences, it’s easy to slip into a narcotic oblivion.  But, come on people!  *sarcastic tone* Oooo, you’re going to go to Fraud College!  So scary!  I certainly wouldn’t want to try and slip something past you guys! *end sarcastic tone* Except Madoff got it past the SEC for 10 YEARS!  What do you think going to Fraud College is going to do?!  (Wouldn’t it be funny if his name was “Madeoff”?  Like i just Madeoff wit yo money!  Am I behind on that joke?)

I’ll tell you what this is going to do.  You remember when you were little, and your parents would make new rules up on the spot in lieu of something that didn’t turn out well?  What happened in a month?  They forgot about the rule they made up, right?  It’s going to be the same exact thing.  We’re all hyped up about it right now, but, in a few months, this isn’t going to amount to any significant effort.

I mean, what, this isn’t going to become a law – they are just revamping efforts.  They’re going to look EXTRA hard at all those files!  Why?  Uh, because they looked dumb?  Well, if you’re not going to pay the employees more money for looking extra hard, they aren’t going to.  Why should they?  They’ve gotten away for 10 years with no consequence until now.  What’s one instance?  C’mon, it’ll be fine.  By the time this newly found enthusiasm reaches the people who do the work, that enthusiasm is going to rival that of a new tooth brush.


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