Peter Blane

economic recovery?

Posted in economy by wusspett on October 8, 2009

Peter Schiff continues to put to words what I cannot.

“For those market boosters who are prattling on about the possibility of a “jobless recovery,” I offer an invitation to join me for a breakfast of “fat-free bacon,” “eggless omelets,” and “no-carb bread.” As unappetizing as such a meal may sound, it would nevertheless offer more substance than the oxymoronic concept of an economic resurgence without job creation.”

Are we going to recover soon? This guy doesn’t think so

“The U.S. economy is starting on its second dive into a deflationary spiral, towards what could be labeled as a new great (global) depression.”

Peter Schiff mentions that a recovery without new jobs is a false recovery.  Here’s what the WallStreet Journal reports:

“Unemployment in the U.S. threatens to slow — and some fear derail — the economy’s recovery from recession.”


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