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Posted in Uncategorized by wusspett on September 23, 2010

Let’s see how consistent i am with keeping up with any of this.

OK, so i was checking up with the Office of Management and Budget and was reading over the summaries for the OMB blog entries.  I began seeing a theme of a “Accountable Government Initiative“.  Of course my first thought was “finally!”

So Mr. Obama put Jeff Zients in charge of making this happen and reporting directly to him (the President). Jeff outlined 6 things things he thought were the most important : 1. Driving agency top priorities; 2. Cutting waste;       3. Reforming contracting; 4. Closing the IT gap; 5. Promoting accountability and innovation through open government; 6. Attracting and motivating top talent.

I’m excited to see something like this happen.  I also think it’s a little hilarious that i’m a fan and this guy came from the private sector and is an entrprenuer. But let’s be frank: when has the government done exactly what it said it was going to do?  Alrighty, now that we’re all a little more cynical, here’s the low down:

the OMB is coming up with these plans (the 6 previously mentioned), but the members of the Senior Executive Service (SES) are going to be driving the implementation. The main page of their site creeps me out. It sounds like they’re going to be the “customer service” of the federal government.

Anyway, yes, please make the government less terrible (congressional approval rating sucks!!!), but, as I recall, we elected our 535 policy makers to represent us.  I hope the SES isn’t just “customer service” but a way to transparency.