Peter Blane

Glass of Wine #2

Posted in Uncategorized by wusspett on July 18, 2012

Yep, that’s usually when you start getting the good stuff (as in “less filter”).  This post was initially inspired (2 “i” words in a row! I’m giving myself 500 points) because I have had a lot on my mind recently, and I’m not sure what to do with it all (you can thank me later).

First off, fat people (i’m only referring to those so fat that they have developed a number of medical issues directly correlated to what goes from their hands to their mouths) should be treated like drug addicts.  I’m sure i’m not the first to think this, but no one has been insensitive enough to say it out loud to me.  If someone weighs over 400 pounds, I no longer think it’s hereditary/involuntary.  That is called addiction.  If you eat a whole pie/carton of ice cream in one sitting by yourself, I think you may as well free-base crack (as in it’s the same – i would not encourage both habits simultaneously lol).  The reason, if you know me (and i know myself relatively well), the reason i get angry at all is because these people: get outrageously fat, develop medical issues (which are expensive), and, as a result of the expensive medical bills, begin receiving medicare/aid.  Oh, you have an hypoactive thyroid?  That’s why you weigh 400 pounds?  You can get a prescription for a hypoactive thyroid before you weigh 400 pounds.  There are many other symptoms that would lead you to get your thyroid issue resolved anyway – there’s no reason to gain the weight of several people first.  While I’m at it, maybe people should continue their binge eating sessions.  At the rate of obesity in the U.S., maybe airlines will make all seats wider!  For normal people, this would be an enormous and spacious seat!  Anyway, i’m not sure if this happens or not, but can we get doctors to force morbidly obese patients to attend the fat version of AA?  “Hey, Mr. Smith, you weigh far too much proportionately compared to the size of a human being as dictated by evolution and the gravitational pull of our planet.  Please stop eating 8000 calories a day, drinking your 2 liter soda, and, until you do, I will be required to report to the local municipality of your addition.” Something like that. I obviously haven’t put a whole lot of thought into the details.  Ok, i’m done with that.

Now, on to social security, medicare and medicaid.  They comprise the top 5 most expensive budget items.  At this time, I will admit I’m biased as i do not benefit from these programs in any way.  The only way I interact with these entitlement programs is by their forced removal from my bimonthly paycheck.  It’s awesome. I had a protein shake post-workout, grilled chicken, and gluten free pasta for dinner tonight.  I think my behavior can be described as “low risk” for needing medicare/medicaid (you’re welcome government).  Can I get a handout because I actually take care of myself?  If we’re giving handouts, how about the people that don’t cause trouble and take care of themselves?  Since when has it been the taxpayer’s responsibility to take care of those who don’t care to take care of themselves?  What happened to survival of the fittest (I like saying that because i workout)?  Give me a $1000 credit on my taxes if I was a member of a gym when I file – that’s a small price to pay I think.

Social Security = waste.  Stop it now.  Stop.  If we are going to force people to save money (and we probably should because the last decade shows they don’t do a good job on their own), take it from them, but make them be active with it.  Force them to be involved.  Make sure they know how much they have.  Let them take risks if they want (for Zeus’s sake, don’t advice them though).  My suggestion: stop taking money out of everyone’s paychecks for social security now.  Everyone can get what they have put in so far, but they are responsible for themselves from now on.  That means the kids who haven’t started working yet will not ever see social security taken out of their paycheck, and will not depend on someone else for a fixed income at retirement.  I think you’ll be surprised at what making people responsible for themselves will do.  They will turn into brats at first, but, like any kid eventually learns to do, they learn.  It’s amazing.  People have brains!  I’m sure they will be able to figure it out.  The ones that don’t will eleviate our race of their weakness (wow! harsh! Sorry.  I didn’t know it would sound that bad.  Just think of a nicer way to say that, and that’s what i meant).