Peter Blane

Xmas Vacation

Posted in Uncategorized by wusspett on December 24, 2015

First thought is, based on most of my other entries, i feel like i should have some sort of alcohol in my system to write anything here.  The second is that I wanted to write something down while I had a minute.  I have more caffeine in me that I do water, I think.  The amount of “just water” that I’ve had today pales in comparison to the amount of coffee and sweat tea.  I wouldn’t say a day like this is typical, but work was silly and I left early.  The reason work has anything to do with my water intake is because I’m usually so much more disciplined with my diet in general when I’m at work (i.e. fewer bad foods, more water), but today was an anomaly.

So, starting now, I am not going back to work until Jan 4th. That’s 11 days off consecutively. I can’t remember the last time I took that much time in a row. I’m looking forward to being with people I like, recording a podcast, working out, and having some holiday inspired drinkies.

Btw, between the time I started typing this out and now, it’s been about 18 hours.  Last night, Erin and I went and saw the new Star Wars (The Force Awakens).  Pretty good!  It’s funny though, it was almost as if there was a bunch of social pressure to go see it.  There were all these social media articles about the movie, and people who saw the movie wanted to talk about it.  It seemed there was an unspoken limited amount of time I had to see this movie.  Haha, anyway, the mother-in-law offered to babysit while Erin and I saw the movie.


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