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Posted in Uncategorized by wusspett on February 9, 2016

Wow, wordpress’ design is super minimalist now.  I barely had any idea where the paragraph area was.  Thankfully, i relied on the ol’ trusty Tab button to see where the curser went.

Today’s entry is about something I’ve had on my mind for a few days.  I recently came to this conclusion.  Conclusion is a good word.  It’s like “hey, have you had a lot of different thoughts around a subject for a while without any coherent organization?  Well, it’s time to get that shit in order and have a way to paraphrase that bitch.”  It’s like all the sudden, your brain goes “oooooh, now I gotcha.  This is what you mean.”  And we have come to call that our “conclusion”. (This paragraph will now be referred to as the paragraph with all the quotations).

So, now that I have my future self in suspense (no one else reads this), here’s what I’ve been thinking about lately: Political Correctness (or being politically correct, or “PC”).  It seems there is a relatively large group of people (at this point, they seem to mostly be of the conservative persuasion) that are “fed up” with having to be politically correct when they say things in public.  What I am willing to bet is that the people who feel that having to be politically correct is something that is being forced on them.  But I am here to say that they need not feel this way (hopefully that assumption is correct, as the remainder of this post depends on that foundation)!  A sentence that doesn’t belong is this paragraph, but would go in conversation, is that I would say I am for (or Pro) being politically correct – but perhaps not for the reason you think.

As I was willing to bet about the people against being politically correct, I am also willing to bet about those on the other side of the fence.  I bet the people who originated whatever words are “PC”, did so, not out of pissing off conservatives, but out of a longing to feel normal.  Further than that, I bet those people wanted to feel like they belong and to feel loved.  People who are different, who get left out, and who aren’t loved probably feel much different about going through a day than you do.  So, going back to why I am Pro Political Correctness – I am all about keeping someone from hurting.  I don’t want to remind people of how shitty they feel by saying something that points it out.  My perspective would hold that if not saying something in public would help others feel less excluded/forgotten/unloved, then I’m all for it.

My thought is: stop thinking about it as political correctness.  Just think before you open your fucking mouth.  If you knew you could make someone’s day better by just excluding a few certain words from your vernacular, wouldn’t that be worth it? Imagine if one of your friends is: gay, mentally challenged, autistic, depressed, or anyone that could be tied to some kind of insult in this example, and now imagine they are watching you say your words.  To me, it’s better to just pick a different word, or way, of saying something than potentially hurting someone.  Do I feel like I’m being politically correct?  Not really, no.  I feel more like I’m helping people in a small way.

Doesn’t that feel better?  Don’t you feel more free in thinking you don’t have to be politically correct?  You can simply care about other human beings, and all that other stuff falls to the side.  People just want to belong, they want to feel like they matter, they want to feel loved.  Don’t you?

It’s not about being politically correct, it’s about loving people.





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