Peter Blane

The Best Wine at the Best Time

Posted in Uncategorized by wusspett on February 25, 2016

As is typical in my writings here, I have a glass of wine in front of me (glass #1 if you’re curious).  Usually, this amount of alcohol doesn’t produce my normal, self-reflective writing style as strongly.  However, having a glass should have some affect.  So, now that we’ve established some context on my potential coherence, let’s get on  with the topic.

I’m feeling inspired because of a post on Facebook I saw where the poster (or “OP” in reddit land) said “what’s wrong with people?” in reference to an animal cruelty article.  Well, OP, I’ll tell you: it’s because we’re animals.  People (a.k.a. the human species; that’s right, that’s how science defines the type of organisms we are!  We are under 1 of 3 broad Kingdom categories where we finally get worked out from other earthly life forms, and separated out.) are still suffering from “lizard brain” and are really bad at being more emotionally developed than lizards.  So, not only are humans instinctually guided by the most primitive part of the brain, but we also have one of the largest (if not the largest) brains on the planet.  So, we remember things well – especially things that impacted us emotionally.  And we especially remember emotions that effect us negatively.

So, humans are big lizards running around with all these negative memories stuck in our heads.  Then, to answer OP’s question “what’s wrong with people?”, we’re angry (emotion!).  We’re really fucking angry.  Some people have the temperament to take time to process these negative emotions and resolve them.  They’re still negative memories, but they decide to reconcile the feeling.  I’d say that’s optimistically 20% of the U.S. population.  No one has time to do that kind of crap.  So, you remember how you are mad at your dad for never being around growing up, but you also have to take care of him in the nursing home?  Well, when that person cuts someone else off in traffic and give them the middle finger salute, a chain reaction occurs.  The person who just got cut off and flipped off has gone lizard brain because of the ballet recital they screwed up when they were 8.  And so on…

What can be done about “what’s wrong with people?”  Nothing.  Sorry, OP, There’s really nothing you can do.  Unfortunately, at least in my eyes, people are not complex creatures.  We are far too simple – at least at this point in our history.




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