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Blane Vacation 2016!

Posted in Uncategorized by wusspett on June 16, 2016

That’s right, the Blane’s are on vacation, and I’m writing a f*cking blog post that no one will read (except me, or maybe my wife).  The censored f-word was for humor.  Something you may have guessed regarding why I may write a blog post while on vacation may have something to do with alcoholic beverages.  You would be correct. I know that my normal drink of choice for these entries is wine, but, I’m on vacation, so it’s whiskey (of the bourbon variety).  I’m about half a drink in, which, I believe, is probably equivalent to the normal level of inebriation needed.  At this point, I typically observe something about the first paragraph, and I think it will be: it’s length.  Wow, probably one of the longest first paragraphs in the blog.  I haven’t bothered to – nor will I – review the few posts that are in the blog to attempt an educated guess.  I’m just going to go ahead and assume I’m right.  Moving on!

In this post, I have been inspired by my news feed on facebook.  Since I’m either: 1) too cowardly to call my friend out on their post or 2) I refuse to become a statistic by being “that guy” and writing a long ass comment that makes me look like a dick for going off on something not even meant to stir controversy.  You may have been able to tell that I’m leaning towards #2 (it’s the longest, most detailed of the options).  I just realized that I’m still not writing about what I want to write about.  I’ll offer an observation that I have almost finished my drink, therefore increasing the odds that my mind will wonder.  On to the post:

“If you don’t have a habit of worship, when the storm comes, you won’t be ready to worship through the storm.”

I don’t know if I’ve mentioned this about myself before, but I was raised in a conservative, christian home.  We were at church at least twice a week, my dad was an elder (leadership), and we were homeschooled.  Also, no non-christian music was allowed.  So, I feel I can speak from experience when I am judging this statement.  Number 1, this is a terrible metaphor.  The way the sentence is structured, it takes the reader from literal to figurative, then back, then back again.  Wouldn’t it be strange to hear someone say “I’m worshiping in anticipation of a life event that will require that I have experience in this activity”?  Granted, people say dumb things, it seems strange to me that this particular statement was found to be worth quoting.  I’m not anti-worship, but I am anti-stupid.  I, for one, cannot go along with this quote.  I, and everyone else out there, has just enough to get by.  The idea that you have to have some sort of built up stamina to worship the right amount to be ready for a “storm” in your life is silly.  Get out of here with your silliness.  Oh man, silliness is a word.  Doesn’t it seem odd to think that being worshipful will be absolutely necessary in order to get through some rough patch in your life?  That’s what seems so weird to me in this quote.  As if some level of training or stamina in “worship” will earn you some sort of payoff that elevates you above said “storm”.  It just makes no sense.

I think I’ll conclude by saying worship all you want.  Do it.  It will probably make you feel better, and, hopefully, it will make you feel like you’re getting in touch with the bigger picture.  At the same time, don’t worry about how much worship you do.  No one can tell you how much is too little or too much except you because no one else is you.

P.S. I’m drunk now, motherfuckers.


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