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Chocolate part 2

Posted in Uncategorized by wusspett on July 30, 2016

This is an update on the first Chocolate titled post (as indicated by the “part 2” portion of the title from this post).  So, reading back through that post, it was pretty apparent that whatever Erin was dealing with was really effecting me.  Well, it did come to a breaking point – for her.  Thankfully, it wasn’t me who snapped, and you’ll see why I’m glad that’s the case.

Turns out Erin’s been dealing with depression for a long time.  It was something she was always able to manage, but, after we had Emma, the entirety of her life started to become a daily battle.  The smallest thing outside of the required minimum would be very overwhelming, and even having fun came at an emotional cost.  We are 3 weeks into her medication, and it is as if someone turned her back into my wife.  I couldn’t be happier that we now know what it was that was causing the issue.  For Erin, a “fog” has been lifted from her mentality.  For me, a burden has been lifted.  I think we all feel better, and it’s all because chemicals in some of our brains are just a bit off.




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So, I haven’t tried to ship anything in a while, and I just had a new experience today.  It was awful.  To explain the back story, My wife and I left an Apple TV at our vacation rental a few weeks ago.  The owner offered to send it to us if we could send a prepaid package, and they would just stick the Apple TV in and ship it back (obviously my wife and I would pay for that).

I went to the FedEx store.  I tried to see if I could do the entire process online: picking out an envelope, entering the info for a label and the return label.  It seemed the only thing I could do was the label portion online.  Note, I was not forced to create an account during this investigative process.  I was like “fine, I’ll go into the store.” I go to the physical store, and they say I can’t do anything unless I have an account.  They have these computers on the side you can do this (it’s just their normal website accessible from my previous location).  I create an account, get back in line, then they tell me that they can’t create labels for me – I have to do that.  Their explanation to me was “it will look like we have the package and we’re sending it”.  Isn’t that the fucking case?!  Even if I create the label, when the package is scanned into their system, it will show that store as the origin.  What the fuck.

I’m frustrated because I went to the store with the expectation that I could say “Hey, I have no clue how to use your website, I expect you are a full service store and I’d like for you to interpret my request and figure out how to make your services happen for me.”  This couldn’t have been further from the case.  I have to create an account I’ll probably use once every other year (and I’ll have to do a username and password recovery every time), and do the labels myself before getting to the store.  This is a good cost-saving method by FedEx, but I feel they should announce the requirements prior to customer engagement.  Such a waste of time.  Oh, I also tried to log into my newly created account to create a label, but, guess what?  The password I created was apparently different, so I already have to do a recovery.  It’s like the universe is working against me to keep me from getting the Apple TV back. I had to type in the password twice!  That means, I incorrectly typed my intended password twice the exact same way during creation.  What are the odds?  It boggles my mind.  I’m so pissed.

Also, why have the ability to do half of what I want online?  If they’re trying to have customers do the label, why not finish the thought and have the ability to pick an envelope and the shipping and return label all in a single process?   That’s what I tried to do first, and just ended up hating them with my whole being.

Important things

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One of the hardest things to figure out in life (if you work in a “cubicle farm” type job portion of the population) is what angle to aim your butt at our chair respective to your chair’s angle and your body’s so as to cancel all noise emission from your farts. Judging whether the odor will be strong enough to be detected by your coworkers is a life-long ambition.