Peter Blane


Posted in Uncategorized by wusspett on January 31, 2017

Hello, me.  I have some thoughts you may be interested in.  Let me know what you think.

  1. Why do I only need to fart around people?
  2. Wires, in general, need to stop being around.  Like immediately.  They aren’t helping anything.  Unless you stretch them out completely, they get tangled.  They suck.  Get outta here.
  3. Facebook and Instagram = inspirational quotes in weird fonts and silly backgrounds
  4. Solar power is the way to go (tell all the investors this, it would really help the ETF i’m in)

So Much Hope

Posted in Uncategorized by wusspett on January 2, 2017

Looking deep, I can see clearly
Eyes closed, I can’t trust the identity
Of my own mind, I’m weary
There’s a higher plain, above obscenity

There are so many waves crashing into me
They’re everywhere, they’re everyone
There’s always a choice I try to see
I have faith I choose the right one

Another step in evolution, the advance
It starts now, it starts today
It’s never easy to keep giving them a chance
My life’s work, to help them see a way

The effort extended trains an unseen strength
I will be better, and I’ll lift them with me
Endurance is patience of unknown length
I’ll lift you up, and it’ll take all of me

Remember how much it hurts to feel so good
Remember we all hurt, we’re all angry
Ignore the feelings, they don’t help like they should
Erase the waves, then I’ll be free

I will evolve,  I will be free
The waves aren’t real, I can see it all
The feelings are small, focus on me
Rise higher, erase the waves, see it all