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So, I came here wanting to write.  I have a general sense of creativity, if that makes sense.  I have been contemplating a subject I have put a significant amount of thought into, but, at this point, it almost feels like I would be trying to compress too much into something too little.  Oh my god, there are so many jokes.  Hold on, let me get another glass of wine, and let’s see what happens.

*4 minutes elapse*

OK, let’s see here.  Nope, I don’t think there’s anything.  To be honest, I am frustrated.  I don’t feel like I’m appreciated for the things I do, and I think my wife’s depressed.  It’s like it makes her mad too, but I don’t think I’ve really acknowledged how much it has effected me too.  This is a self-centered opinion, but that’s what these things (blogs) are for – AREN’T THEY!?  Let’s go with the diagnosis mentioned for now (it hasn’t been confirmed) for the sake of argument.  It has seemed lately that it is really hard for she and I to get on the same page and accomplish a goal.  I asked her for weeks to reach out to her step-dad about a wedding, and she had her sister text a picture of the invite.  She and I had a talk this last weekend about how she feels like there’s this cloud that keeps her from doing things.  Whatever it is, I can definitely tell.  The smallest things drain her and I don’t feel like we have fun anymore.  Everything we do, there’s this sadness that accompanies us.  Like, if we go on a date *humungous sigh*”Do we need money for a valet?” For some reason questions like this inexplicably drain all the enthusiasm.  Anyway, we talked about setting up an appointment with a professional who can diagnose if this behavior is due to a chemical imbalance.  Thing is, she wants to go through her gynecologist for a reference (since it may be baby related), so who knows how long it will take to make that happen.


The Best Wine at the Best Time

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As is typical in my writings here, I have a glass of wine in front of me (glass #1 if you’re curious).  Usually, this amount of alcohol doesn’t produce my normal, self-reflective writing style as strongly.  However, having a glass should have some affect.  So, now that we’ve established some context on my potential coherence, let’s get on  with the topic.

I’m feeling inspired because of a post on Facebook I saw where the poster (or “OP” in reddit land) said “what’s wrong with people?” in reference to an animal cruelty article.  Well, OP, I’ll tell you: it’s because we’re animals.  People (a.k.a. the human species; that’s right, that’s how science defines the type of organisms we are!  We are under 1 of 3 broad Kingdom categories where we finally get worked out from other earthly life forms, and separated out.) are still suffering from “lizard brain” and are really bad at being more emotionally developed than lizards.  So, not only are humans instinctually guided by the most primitive part of the brain, but we also have one of the largest (if not the largest) brains on the planet.  So, we remember things well – especially things that impacted us emotionally.  And we especially remember emotions that effect us negatively.

So, humans are big lizards running around with all these negative memories stuck in our heads.  Then, to answer OP’s question “what’s wrong with people?”, we’re angry (emotion!).  We’re really fucking angry.  Some people have the temperament to take time to process these negative emotions and resolve them.  They’re still negative memories, but they decide to reconcile the feeling.  I’d say that’s optimistically 20% of the U.S. population.  No one has time to do that kind of crap.  So, you remember how you are mad at your dad for never being around growing up, but you also have to take care of him in the nursing home?  Well, when that person cuts someone else off in traffic and give them the middle finger salute, a chain reaction occurs.  The person who just got cut off and flipped off has gone lizard brain because of the ballet recital they screwed up when they were 8.  And so on…

What can be done about “what’s wrong with people?”  Nothing.  Sorry, OP, There’s really nothing you can do.  Unfortunately, at least in my eyes, people are not complex creatures.  We are far too simple – at least at this point in our history.



Peanut Butter Spoon

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Wow, wordpress’ design is super minimalist now.  I barely had any idea where the paragraph area was.  Thankfully, i relied on the ol’ trusty Tab button to see where the curser went.

Today’s entry is about something I’ve had on my mind for a few days.  I recently came to this conclusion.  Conclusion is a good word.  It’s like “hey, have you had a lot of different thoughts around a subject for a while without any coherent organization?  Well, it’s time to get that shit in order and have a way to paraphrase that bitch.”  It’s like all the sudden, your brain goes “oooooh, now I gotcha.  This is what you mean.”  And we have come to call that our “conclusion”. (This paragraph will now be referred to as the paragraph with all the quotations).

So, now that I have my future self in suspense (no one else reads this), here’s what I’ve been thinking about lately: Political Correctness (or being politically correct, or “PC”).  It seems there is a relatively large group of people (at this point, they seem to mostly be of the conservative persuasion) that are “fed up” with having to be politically correct when they say things in public.  What I am willing to bet is that the people who feel that having to be politically correct is something that is being forced on them.  But I am here to say that they need not feel this way (hopefully that assumption is correct, as the remainder of this post depends on that foundation)!  A sentence that doesn’t belong is this paragraph, but would go in conversation, is that I would say I am for (or Pro) being politically correct – but perhaps not for the reason you think.

As I was willing to bet about the people against being politically correct, I am also willing to bet about those on the other side of the fence.  I bet the people who originated whatever words are “PC”, did so, not out of pissing off conservatives, but out of a longing to feel normal.  Further than that, I bet those people wanted to feel like they belong and to feel loved.  People who are different, who get left out, and who aren’t loved probably feel much different about going through a day than you do.  So, going back to why I am Pro Political Correctness – I am all about keeping someone from hurting.  I don’t want to remind people of how shitty they feel by saying something that points it out.  My perspective would hold that if not saying something in public would help others feel less excluded/forgotten/unloved, then I’m all for it.

My thought is: stop thinking about it as political correctness.  Just think before you open your fucking mouth.  If you knew you could make someone’s day better by just excluding a few certain words from your vernacular, wouldn’t that be worth it? Imagine if one of your friends is: gay, mentally challenged, autistic, depressed, or anyone that could be tied to some kind of insult in this example, and now imagine they are watching you say your words.  To me, it’s better to just pick a different word, or way, of saying something than potentially hurting someone.  Do I feel like I’m being politically correct?  Not really, no.  I feel more like I’m helping people in a small way.

Doesn’t that feel better?  Don’t you feel more free in thinking you don’t have to be politically correct?  You can simply care about other human beings, and all that other stuff falls to the side.  People just want to belong, they want to feel like they matter, they want to feel loved.  Don’t you?

It’s not about being politically correct, it’s about loving people.




Xmas Vacation

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First thought is, based on most of my other entries, i feel like i should have some sort of alcohol in my system to write anything here.  The second is that I wanted to write something down while I had a minute.  I have more caffeine in me that I do water, I think.  The amount of “just water” that I’ve had today pales in comparison to the amount of coffee and sweat tea.  I wouldn’t say a day like this is typical, but work was silly and I left early.  The reason work has anything to do with my water intake is because I’m usually so much more disciplined with my diet in general when I’m at work (i.e. fewer bad foods, more water), but today was an anomaly.

So, starting now, I am not going back to work until Jan 4th. That’s 11 days off consecutively. I can’t remember the last time I took that much time in a row. I’m looking forward to being with people I like, recording a podcast, working out, and having some holiday inspired drinkies.

Btw, between the time I started typing this out and now, it’s been about 18 hours.  Last night, Erin and I went and saw the new Star Wars (The Force Awakens).  Pretty good!  It’s funny though, it was almost as if there was a bunch of social pressure to go see it.  There were all these social media articles about the movie, and people who saw the movie wanted to talk about it.  It seemed there was an unspoken limited amount of time I had to see this movie.  Haha, anyway, the mother-in-law offered to babysit while Erin and I saw the movie.

This Or The Apocalypse

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When your faith looks a lot like fear, x2
When your fear looks a lot like guilt
So don’t tell me my faith isn’t there
Don’t tell me

The time we waste; can’t get it back
The faith we lose; can’t get it back
Can’t get it back

We’re going to spend years doing this
In a place where we’re too small
to read the words that tell us who we are
We blindfold our own eyes
we reach in the dark for one another
So desperate
we shake each other hard enough to kill
And we repeat and repeat and repeat the same question:
Will you see god?


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So, I totally forgot i had a wordpress account. It’s one of those things that you forget about, put in a box, move, unpack, see it, and go “what the fuck? This is amazing.” I read the last 3 posts I made and i am super impressed. “Impressed” is a weird word. Is it indicating that i feel pressed down upon?

Anyway, I don’t actually have anything worth mentioning, so here is some more text: I still feel like writing things in this box because I drank a glass of wine, a beer, then another glass of wine. I just reminded myself of Dave Chapelle’s standup when he’s talking about when white people are high and all they do is talk about the last time they were messed up and categorize everything they did: “i had 2 shots of Jaeger, taquilla, 4 bong hits man, beer, cheese burger” (i had to youtube that shit to get the quote). You know what this paragraph needs? This paragraph needs more lists. For example: things that follow a logical progression, examples of instances of reality, superficial girt requests based on earth rotation anniversaries.

It feels so much better knowing that this information is out there and will help no one. What makes me the most excited about it is that I feel like i can type better because of the frequency of my ability to ramble within a text box while simultaneously wasting the time of the poor soul who decided they were going to read this by their own volition. To quote Mr. T (and use yet another semi colon): “I pity the fool,”

You know what’s funny? Yes, I am sure you just had like 7 things pop into your head that are legitimately hilarious, however, my intent for asking the above question was to insinuate that I am experiencing something currently that could be considered a candidate for your collection of things that come to your mind when people ask “you know what’s funny?” To answer this rhetorical question (you may have not guessed that it was a rhetorical question based on the explanation. My, my i have misled you), I am drinking a large amount of water out of a substantial wine glass. If you are wondering, “is that the same glass this idiot was drinking the aforementioned glasses of wine?”, i will quench the thirsty curiosity embedded in the sarcastic remark regarding my intelligence by saying: yes. Yes, it is the same glass. Have you ever heard of going green? I’m saving water, mother fucker. Granted, I am watching the Packers vs. Lions game on my 60″ plasma while doing so, but I’m reusing my wine glass and I feel pompous as shit about it. You are nothing.

This is gold.

Glass of Wine #2

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Yep, that’s usually when you start getting the good stuff (as in “less filter”).  This post was initially inspired (2 “i” words in a row! I’m giving myself 500 points) because I have had a lot on my mind recently, and I’m not sure what to do with it all (you can thank me later).

First off, fat people (i’m only referring to those so fat that they have developed a number of medical issues directly correlated to what goes from their hands to their mouths) should be treated like drug addicts.  I’m sure i’m not the first to think this, but no one has been insensitive enough to say it out loud to me.  If someone weighs over 400 pounds, I no longer think it’s hereditary/involuntary.  That is called addiction.  If you eat a whole pie/carton of ice cream in one sitting by yourself, I think you may as well free-base crack (as in it’s the same – i would not encourage both habits simultaneously lol).  The reason, if you know me (and i know myself relatively well), the reason i get angry at all is because these people: get outrageously fat, develop medical issues (which are expensive), and, as a result of the expensive medical bills, begin receiving medicare/aid.  Oh, you have an hypoactive thyroid?  That’s why you weigh 400 pounds?  You can get a prescription for a hypoactive thyroid before you weigh 400 pounds.  There are many other symptoms that would lead you to get your thyroid issue resolved anyway – there’s no reason to gain the weight of several people first.  While I’m at it, maybe people should continue their binge eating sessions.  At the rate of obesity in the U.S., maybe airlines will make all seats wider!  For normal people, this would be an enormous and spacious seat!  Anyway, i’m not sure if this happens or not, but can we get doctors to force morbidly obese patients to attend the fat version of AA?  “Hey, Mr. Smith, you weigh far too much proportionately compared to the size of a human being as dictated by evolution and the gravitational pull of our planet.  Please stop eating 8000 calories a day, drinking your 2 liter soda, and, until you do, I will be required to report to the local municipality of your addition.” Something like that. I obviously haven’t put a whole lot of thought into the details.  Ok, i’m done with that.

Now, on to social security, medicare and medicaid.  They comprise the top 5 most expensive budget items.  At this time, I will admit I’m biased as i do not benefit from these programs in any way.  The only way I interact with these entitlement programs is by their forced removal from my bimonthly paycheck.  It’s awesome. I had a protein shake post-workout, grilled chicken, and gluten free pasta for dinner tonight.  I think my behavior can be described as “low risk” for needing medicare/medicaid (you’re welcome government).  Can I get a handout because I actually take care of myself?  If we’re giving handouts, how about the people that don’t cause trouble and take care of themselves?  Since when has it been the taxpayer’s responsibility to take care of those who don’t care to take care of themselves?  What happened to survival of the fittest (I like saying that because i workout)?  Give me a $1000 credit on my taxes if I was a member of a gym when I file – that’s a small price to pay I think.

Social Security = waste.  Stop it now.  Stop.  If we are going to force people to save money (and we probably should because the last decade shows they don’t do a good job on their own), take it from them, but make them be active with it.  Force them to be involved.  Make sure they know how much they have.  Let them take risks if they want (for Zeus’s sake, don’t advice them though).  My suggestion: stop taking money out of everyone’s paychecks for social security now.  Everyone can get what they have put in so far, but they are responsible for themselves from now on.  That means the kids who haven’t started working yet will not ever see social security taken out of their paycheck, and will not depend on someone else for a fixed income at retirement.  I think you’ll be surprised at what making people responsible for themselves will do.  They will turn into brats at first, but, like any kid eventually learns to do, they learn.  It’s amazing.  People have brains!  I’m sure they will be able to figure it out.  The ones that don’t will eleviate our race of their weakness (wow! harsh! Sorry.  I didn’t know it would sound that bad.  Just think of a nicer way to say that, and that’s what i meant).

Coffee with an egg cheese and pickles sandwich

That’s what’s in my stomach right now. Why does potassium seem to eleviate hangovers? I used to take a multivitamin, and that was more or less a sugar pill (in regards to counteracting the hangover). But, when I pop a potassium supplement with a couple ibuprofens, it seems to go away within the hour! Crazy.

That reminds me of Demitri Martin. Why didn’t he ever get big as a comedian?

I’m going on a cruise with my wife (of course) and Kris and Laura Farhy in August!  Kris and I booked it a couple weeks ago, and I’m pretty stoked.  Since I don’t have kids (yet) and no high maintenance pets (such as a dog or a monkey), I think I should probably do crazy, expensive stuff now and get it out of my system (can you get that out of your system or does it just give you more of an appetite for it?).  Anyway, I’m really excited, but I don’t know what to do when the cruise ship drops us off at these ports: Key West, Grand Cayman, and Montego Bay.  The cruise has really expensive “excursion packages” I can buy (sarcastic whoo hoo), but I don’t wanna pay $300 to get Steve Irwin-ed by a stingray (they have a tank you can stand in with stingrays.  Sounds like a 007 movie. Sounds like me dying.)  So, what I think I’m gonna do (at this point anyway) is wander to the nearest beach and effing relax.  Maybe find some pino coladas since everyone in the Caribbean loves rum :p

Is internet language (e.g. lol) considered a written dialect?  You see how this works, right?  I ask questions on here like I ask myself questions at night.  My thoughts being spewed out into a vast space without consequence, purpose, reason or, most notably, commas (hahaha).  I love commas (<– this sentence doesn’t have any).

I think what I like the most about this blog is that I’m my biggest fan.  I think I’m really hilarious and I crack myself up all the time.  I’ll come back and read this in a few days/weeks/months, and high five myself at the wit.  Even the commentary within this paragraph has me giggling like a little girl on the inside.  (that last sentence, thankfully, qualified this section of this post as a paragraph.  It was just in time too, because, otherwise, it would have seemed a little cocky to assume of myself that I was going to continue to write sentences following that statement.)  Now that I have done all that explaining, I don’t feel the same inspiration I felt when I began writing this post, and even writing this explanation is just me forcing myself to explain myself as to why I will not be continuing any more of this thought-spew.  The best thing to do is

the day before

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Well, tomorrow I’m starting my new job. I’m a little jittery. I’m excited, confident, but change is stressful. It’s a life change, which is big, of course, and I’m doing my best to embrace it. Still…it gives me butterflies. Like when i was on swim team in high school, and I’m standing on the blocks with the other racers waiting for the gun. It doesn’t matter that i had been swimming for 10 years, i still got butterflies in the moment. So, there’s some trivia for you. hahaha

Trying to avoid politics. It’s so hard (that’s what she said) to avoid when every news outlet is being so proactive about it. My goal is to become informed within 6 months of voting day. So there.

Draw the line

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all i had time to draw in a month

I wish i was bored more often at work. I haven’t been able to doodle much in the last month (see the pic). Doodling is probably one of my favorites.

So, i’m going to ignore as much of the political news as i can until there are only 6 months left (so, friday 5/4/2012). It’s good that it’ll be a Friday. I’m just going to read over the remaining candidates’ websites and see who has the most logical, real, well-thought out plans for the rest of us.

I wonder if people will be able to read in 100 years.

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