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the day before

Posted in Uncategorized by wusspett on January 25, 2012

Well, tomorrow I’m starting my new job. I’m a little jittery. I’m excited, confident, but change is stressful. It’s a life change, which is big, of course, and I’m doing my best to embrace it. Still…it gives me butterflies. Like when i was on swim team in high school, and I’m standing on the blocks with the other racers waiting for the gun. It doesn’t matter that i had been swimming for 10 years, i still got butterflies in the moment. So, there’s some trivia for you. hahaha

Trying to avoid politics. It’s so hard (that’s what she said) to avoid when every news outlet is being so proactive about it. My goal is to become informed within 6 months of voting day. So there.


Draw the line

Posted in Uncategorized by wusspett on January 11, 2012

all i had time to draw in a month

I wish i was bored more often at work. I haven’t been able to doodle much in the last month (see the pic). Doodling is probably one of my favorites.

So, i’m going to ignore as much of the political news as i can until there are only 6 months left (so, friday 5/4/2012). It’s good that it’ll be a Friday. I’m just going to read over the remaining candidates’ websites and see who has the most logical, real, well-thought out plans for the rest of us.

I wonder if people will be able to read in 100 years.

MORE thoughts

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Why do people comment on youtube videos? Then get in fights with other people commenting? Who reads that? It baffles me beyond the point of ever being able to relate.

Cookies are the best baking success ever.

Metal is jazz in fast-forward mode.

Don’t follow just your heart, use your brain too. You can use them both to make life decisions! It’s amazing!

Hahaha, i should tell people when i think they are giving bad advice, but that “practice makes perfect”. Omg that would rule.