Peter Blane

Coffee with an egg cheese and pickles sandwich

That’s what’s in my stomach right now. Why does potassium seem to eleviate hangovers? I used to take a multivitamin, and that was more or less a sugar pill (in regards to counteracting the hangover). But, when I pop a potassium supplement with a couple ibuprofens, it seems to go away within the hour! Crazy.

That reminds me of Demitri Martin. Why didn’t he ever get big as a comedian?

I’m going on a cruise with my wife (of course) and Kris and Laura Farhy in August!  Kris and I booked it a couple weeks ago, and I’m pretty stoked.  Since I don’t have kids (yet) and no high maintenance pets (such as a dog or a monkey), I think I should probably do crazy, expensive stuff now and get it out of my system (can you get that out of your system or does it just give you more of an appetite for it?).  Anyway, I’m really excited, but I don’t know what to do when the cruise ship drops us off at these ports: Key West, Grand Cayman, and Montego Bay.  The cruise has really expensive “excursion packages” I can buy (sarcastic whoo hoo), but I don’t wanna pay $300 to get Steve Irwin-ed by a stingray (they have a tank you can stand in with stingrays.  Sounds like a 007 movie. Sounds like me dying.)  So, what I think I’m gonna do (at this point anyway) is wander to the nearest beach and effing relax.  Maybe find some pino coladas since everyone in the Caribbean loves rum :p

Is internet language (e.g. lol) considered a written dialect?  You see how this works, right?  I ask questions on here like I ask myself questions at night.  My thoughts being spewed out into a vast space without consequence, purpose, reason or, most notably, commas (hahaha).  I love commas (<– this sentence doesn’t have any).

I think what I like the most about this blog is that I’m my biggest fan.  I think I’m really hilarious and I crack myself up all the time.  I’ll come back and read this in a few days/weeks/months, and high five myself at the wit.  Even the commentary within this paragraph has me giggling like a little girl on the inside.  (that last sentence, thankfully, qualified this section of this post as a paragraph.  It was just in time too, because, otherwise, it would have seemed a little cocky to assume of myself that I was going to continue to write sentences following that statement.)  Now that I have done all that explaining, I don’t feel the same inspiration I felt when I began writing this post, and even writing this explanation is just me forcing myself to explain myself as to why I will not be continuing any more of this thought-spew.  The best thing to do is